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Thursday, 2-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Art Session - Part 1

Blow the coloured water +washing up liquid like this
Beware not to 'drink' them! This is not a juice
Then, feel free to use whatever method to burst the bubble
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Bubbles in the Bowl

What you need:-
1. A qualified baby/toddler (big enough not to 'drink' the washing up liquid )
2. A responsible adult to prevent any illegal drinking activity
3. A bowl of water
4. Washing up liquid
5. Straw
6. Some food colouring (optional)

The activity is not quite finish yet as we were yet to burst the bubbles by placing paper on them to create a 'bubbly picture'. Have fun trying this....Stay tune as we'll be back for more homemade craft (or keras tangan)

Monday, 27-Feb-2006 15:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Outfit suitable for any weather.

Snowy day nie...nampak tak snow renyai2??
Nak tengok snow??? You need a magnifying glass. Not sunglasses!
Ummi kata mungkin snow ni lebat kejap lagi..
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We just got back from buying Aisyah's new spring/ summer hat and sunglasses , when we realised it was snowing! only renyai-renyai though,... quite pathetic. The ground was warm ready for spring, so bila snow cecah ajer tanah,..they immediately disappeared. Ni mesti sebab global warming nie... Come on British weather, make up you mind.. Nak spring ker masih winter lagi nih?

Still remember back in 2000, Southampton was covered with snow in MAY... so, nih kira tak teruk sangat lagi ler...

Wednesday, 22-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Adobe Photoshop CS2 Screenshots Tutorial - Part 1

Bukak the underexposed picture
Select CURVE from menu kat bawah tuh...drag cursor until OK
Duplicate background image
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Screenshots tutorial of how to fix a simple picture

Part 1 modules:
1. Using CURVE function to fix underexposed picture ( gelap)
2. Resize image
3. Add simple frames with additional effects ( bevel and emboss, stroke, inner glow)

This is the basic of photo editing that Ummi used to edit pictures on this FP. Please excuse any imperfections as Ummi just learn this less than a year. If you got stuck or not quite understand Ummi's not-so-complete-instructions, feel free to ask. Depending on demands, Ummi will continue to post screenshots tutorial of Photoshop. So if you want to know how specific pictures in this FP was edited, please let Ummi know. Ummi will try to remember how she edited them ( if we still keep the unedited version )

Good luck in editing your little angel's pictures
Do not afraid to experiment different functions - after all you can delete/ undo them without affecting the original
Be as creative as you want, they are YOUR pictures at YOUR fp

Aisyah is officially back in business

Thank you for all the well wishes from visitors to Aisyah's Fotopages. She's now officially declared as 'safe' by Abi to resume her normal business (more like 'busy'ness). Picture is for illustrative purpose only as she has a few 'spots' on her face that can't even being 'fixed' by Adobe Photoshop's healing brush. Perhaps tonnes of lotions will cure that.

She is now showing off her almost full set of front teeth....which are used mainly to:-
1. Eat 2 chicken drumsticks at meal times
2. Bite her furry stuff animals as a sign of love
3. Act as an excuse to eat more toothpaste

Limited edition pictures of Aisyah posing as Hantu Kom Kom with excessive calamine lotion (angkara Abi )....nantikan Hantu Kom Kom in action in the next entry

Sunday, 19-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My 22 months old ChatterBox Princess

Here is my monkey
His name is MONTY the MONKEY
This story is dedicated to him
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As her second birthday approaches, we realised that her vocabulary has improved tremendously. There were less disappointing guesses as we try to understand what she wants. She really enjoys telling stories to both us.....(we only understand 10% though). If we fell asleep during her lengthy story telling time, there will always be her Bunny, Kitty and Monty to listen to what she has to say.

She is very very expressive in her talk with body languages to compliment her limited vocabulary. Points here and there.....sometimes laugh unexpectedly in the middle of her story....and her stories always end with a generous hand clapping! That must be a happy ending stories!

Monday, 13-Feb-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The HOT chicken pox girl

The KUYU girl is feeling very tired
and ready to go to sleep
when she wakes up with spots everywhere
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We realised the appearance of these spots the evening after Ummi shot the bubbles pictures. It explained why she was quite clingy and whiney lately. Got this from her new nursery, which is experiencing a chicken pox outbreak. Some rooms were closed because all of the children got infected. Ummi & Abi are very pleased that Aisyah got this at this young age.

As she needs to be quarantined inside the house, we are running out of ideas to entertain this restless HOT BABE. Here are her current favourite activities according to HER preferences:

1. Rice throwing (tabur beras) - maybe we need to lock the 'guni beras' as she has been caught red handed smuggling handful of rice to the living room silently (sometimes she giggles too )

2. Sprinkling plain flour on the carpet - maybe she just love the vacuum demo ( like the direct selling people)

3. Making glitter card - most of the glitter end up on the floor. Should we call it glitter floor making??

4. Finger painting - as this idea is a bit outdated to her, she decided to improvise by doing some foot painting (dipping your foot on the paint pallet and make lovely prints on the paper)

5. Strolling in the house - accompanied by her trusted furry friends, she pushed the stroller everywhere inside the house

6. Dancing to the nursery rhymes - any songs will do!

Pictures of these activities will accompany shortly....

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